April 19, 2015

Ocultismo, guerra espiritual y liberacion (Spanish Edition)

Ocultismo, guerra espiritual y liberacion (Spanish Edition)

Are You Prepared for the Battle? There’s nothing more real than the spiritual battle that involves every believer. But there are times when we forget we have an enemy who seeks our destruction. At times we give the devil and his demons opportunities to spiritually oppress not only our lives, but also those of our family members. The Bible says that in the last days, the enemy “will come like a pent-up flood” (Isaiah 59:19), like an inundation of temptations that are especially enslaving to believers. We are standing in front of an avalanche of sin and evil that covers the planet and reaches every nation. At the same time the Spirit of God is raising a banner against the enemy, so that every fallen or tormented soldier can join together and be united with the army of the Liberator. This book includes Biblical answers to many questions about the spiritual world and the liberation of souls. This book was prepared to help those who need to escape from spiritual deception and slavery

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